Dana Biosphere Reserve

The Rift Valley spectacular A series of spectacular mountains and wadis that extend from the top of the Jordan Rift valley to the desert lowlands of wadi Araba. Stay overnight in any of three unique sites, experience exciting guided and self guided hikes and trails, and enjoy the warmth Dana's local communities.


Azraq Wetland Reserve

Oasis in the Eastern Desert Your perfect choice for bird watching, this desert jewel contains several pools, a seasonally flooded marshland and a large mudflat, and is an important stop for migratory birds on the African – Eurasian flyway. This area is rich in cultural history and conservational value.


Mujib Nature Reserve

The Lowest Reserve on Earth Dramatic narrow canyons & fast flowing rivers provide the perfect recipe for a hiking adventure. With the area's unexpected richness of wildlife, it is home to the endangered Nubian Ibex.


Ajloun Forest Reserve

The Oak Forest Escape Enjoy the mild Mediterranean climate while looking out over rolling hills covered by dense woodlands of evergreen oak, carob, and wild strawberry trees, the area's rich history is reflected in the many archaeological ruins scattered in the woodlands and surrounding villages, which can be explored through a series of adventurous hikes. Kick back and relax in our tented bungalows or cozy cabins, or enjoy some of the finest cuisine Ajloun has to offer.


Deibeen Forrest Reserve

This unique pine-oak forest located in the north of Jordan supports many locally and globally endangered species; its beautiful wilderness of rolling hills and deep wadis attracts people from across the kingdom to stroll along its soothing woodland trails.

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